Preventative maintenance software

Ensure your fleet is firing on all cylinders and complaint with a preventative maintenance system. Our software boosts efficiency by tracking preventive maintenance with up to date engine and odometer data.

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Use pre-start inspections and GPS for real time engine usage data

Incorporate daily pre-start inspections or gps telematics to feed real-time engine hours and odometer readings into your fleet management system, providing clear visualisation and actionable data.
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Always know when preventative maintenance is coming

Nomadfleet's live dashboards keep fleet administrators ahead of service intervals. Our system automates preventative maintenance scheduling, replacing outdated spreadsheets with real-time alerts for upcoming and overdue services.
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Customise your fleets preventative maintenance schedules

Recognizing that each fleet operates uniquely, our system allows you to custom-create service plans based on hours, kilometers, or custom intervals. Intuitively set them up, then manage these with our intuitive tracking dashboard.
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