Track faults using fleet maintenance software

Empower fleet administrators to manage all types of fleet issues effectively. Get data from field inspections and maintenance checklists, bridging the gap between on-ground observations and centralised fleet management.

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Capture faults with photos, generated by daily inspections

With a simple QR code scan, operators can access daily inspection checklists, report faults by severity, photo and description. Streamlining data flow into the fleet maintenance software for prompt operations team response.
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Quickly address faults with work orders via the technician app

Organize and prioritise faults efficiently in our easy to use faults database. Filter by severity, generate work orders, and delegate tasks directly to the technician team, all within the fleet maintenance app.
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Create workflows with customisable notification

Stay ahead of faults with customisable alerts. Set rules within the fleet maintenance system to automatically notify the relevant personnel based on fault severity, enhancing response times without manual intervention.
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Drive productivity with
real-time collaboration.

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