1                 BACKGROUND

This privacy policy describes the ways in which Nomad Plant Pty Ltd ACN 654 975 541 processes and protects your personal information and data. In this policy, all references to "we" or "us" refers to Nomad Plant Pty Ltd ACN 654 975 541 and any of our officers, employees, agents or assigns, as applicable.

1.1            Australian Privacy Policy

We provide a range of software and hardware solutions aimed at improving operations of industrial companies. While these connections are commercial and largely business-to-business, we may inadvertently collect personal information of our partners, clients and stakeholders employees and representatives in connection with these activities.

In this policy, all references to our "services" refers to the services we offer to our business partners, stakeholders, shareholders and other individuals regarding our activities in Australia and any related administrative or secondary operations we may engage in or provide (Services).

1.2            Privacy Commitment

We value your privacy and are committed to safeguarding your personal information, which we receive in connection with our Services. To achieve this commitment to privacy, we comply with the Australian Privacy Principles and the Notifiable Data Breach Scheme contained in the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) (Privacy Act). This legislation governs the way we collect, use, disclose and store your personal information and how we notify you in circumstances where your information is lost or accessed without authorisation. For further information regarding Australia's privacy legislation, please refer to the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner:

-                  online at;

-                  by email at; or

-                  by telephone on 1300 363 992.

1.3            Application

By being a representative of our business partners, clients or stakeholders, accessing our website or any application we maintain, communicating with us or otherwise providing us with personal information in connection with our Services, you confirm that you have read and agree to the terms of this policy and expressly consent to the collection, storage, use and disclosure of your personal information in accordance with the terms of this policy.

If you do not feel comfortable with any aspect of this policy, or do not agree to the terms of this policy, please immediately discontinue the use of our Services and contact us on 1800 404 738 or at

2                 INFORMATION WE COLLECT

2.1            Personal Information

In this policy "personal information" refers to any information or opinion about you that we may hold where you are identifiable or reasonably identifiable from that information or in connection with other accessible information. Personal information will often include your name, contact details, and financial details but will also include other information about you, such as your communication habits and your commentary or opinion. Further information on the personal information we generally collect about you is outlined below.

2.2            Collection of Personal Information

We collect information about you in order to provide you with our Services. You may choose whether to provide us with this information, however your choices may affect our ability to offer you part or all of our Services.

Personal information we collect may include:

(a)             Contact & Account Information: when you use our Services, including as a representative of our partners, clients or stakeholders in connection with an agreement we are party to or otherwise in connection with our Services, you may provide personal information such as your name, gender, email address, contact information and any other information which you may provide through your account or in contact with us;

(b)             Services Usage Information: when you access or use our Services through our [web application] personal information may be collected in connection with such use including financial payment information, geographic location information of vehicles provided in connection with our Services and other data to the extent is consists of personal information;

(c)             Communication Information: when you communicate with us via telephone, email, SMS or online we will collect your contact information and any other information you choose to provide to us, including responses to any questionnaires or surveys that you may provide at our request;

(d)         Cookie Information: when you access our website, we (including companies we work with) may place small data files on your computer or any other device. These data files may be cookies, pixel tags, e-tags, "flash cookies" or other local storage provided by your browser or associated applications, which are collectively referred to as "cookies" in this policy. We use these cookies to recognise you, customise our Services and content, measure engagement, ensure your security, mitigate risk and prevent fraud and to promote trust and safety across our site. You are free to decline our cookies in your browser if your browser or browser add-on permits unless our cookies are required to prevent fraud or ensure the security of the websites we control. However, we note that declining our cookies may interfere with your use of our website and our Services.

(e)             Third-party Plugin Information: In some cases, we may have integrated a third-party plugin into our website. The use of such third-party plugins may result in data collection by both us and the relevant third party. We do not control the information you share with third parties via these plugins. You should refer to the third party's privacy policy to understand their data handling practices.


3.1            Why We Collect Your Personal Information

We collect your personal information in order to carry out our Services in the most professional and efficient manner possible. We use your information for the purpose for which it was collected. Some examples of why we collect your personal information include:

(a)             to provide our Services to you, including to manage our websites and applications and your accounts with us;

(b)             to improve our Services, including our application offerings and website;

(c)             [to track the location of your vehicles and manage their deployment];

(d)             to issue invoices and process payments;

(e)             to administer any contracts or agreements to which we are a party, including to exercise our rights, provide notice of relevant matters, disputes or claims and otherwise contact you regarding our Services;

(f)              to comply with legal obligations;

(g)             to resolve disputes;

(h)             to respond to your enquiries;

(i)               to detect, prevent and investigate potential or actual fraud to you, us or any third party;

(j)               to compare information provided by you for accuracy and to verify that information with third parties where permitted and appropriate; and

(k)             to enable third party service providers to provide us with services such as [advertising], information technology, auditing and legal advice.

3.2            Secondary Purposes for Collection

Where your personal information is not "sensitive information" ("sensitive information" includes information regarding your health, racial or ethnic origin, sexual orientation, political beliefs, philosophical beliefs, union or association membership and criminal history) we may use your information for reasonably expected secondary purposes related to the purposes set out in the "Why We Collect Your Personal Information" paragraph above.

In addition, we may also use your personal information as otherwise authorised by law.


4.1            Who We Disclose Your Personal Information To

We will only disclose your personal information to the extent required to provide our Services to you, for the purposes outlined in the "Why We Collect Your Personal Information" paragraph above, or as you otherwise consent or authorise.

We are not in the business of selling your personal information. We consider the privacy of this information to be a vital part of our relationship with you. Therefore, we will not sell your personal information to third parties, including third party advertisers.

4.2            Third Party Disclosure

In connection with the purposes of collection or as otherwise permitted under the Privacy Act, we may disclose your personal information to third parties such as:

(a)                 our related entities;

(b)                 our service provides and professional advisors such as [advertising], information technology, auditing and legal advice providers; and

(c)                 financial institutions.

We will take all reasonable steps to ensure that third parties we disclose your personal information to maintain and protect the privacy and security of your personal information and only use that information for the purposes for which it was disclosed.

4.3            Overseas Data Transfer

We will not send your personal information to recipients outside of Australia without first:

(a)             taking reasonable steps to ensure that the overseas recipient complies with the Australian Privacy Principles, the Privacy Act and this policy;

(b)             obtaining your consent; or

(c)             otherwise complying with the Privacy Act.

In our general practice, we do not normally send your personal information to recipients outside of Australia, but we may disclose your personal information overseas when strictly necessary to do so in connection with our Services, such as when making international payment or complying with foreign legal or regulatory requirements.

You consent to such overseas transfers, provided that they are otherwise in accordance with this policy.


5.1            Personal Information Security

We take reasonable steps to protect personal information we hold at all times.

We store and process your personal information in accordance with physical, electronic and procedural safeguards to reduce the risks of loss, misuse, unauthorised access, disclosure and alteration. We, in collaboration with our third-party service providers, maintain physical security measures to guard against unauthorised access to systems and electronic safeguards such as firewalls and data encryption. We ensure that access to your personal information is limited to authorised employees who require that access to fulfil the responsibilities of their job.

5.2            Information Retention

We will only retain your information for as long as required for the purposes for which the information was collected, or to comply with legal obligations or resolve disputes.

We will take reasonable steps to destroy or de-identify your personal information when we are no longer permitted to keep it.

5.3            Data Breaches

Where we detect misuse, loss or unauthorised access to or modification or disclosure of your personal information, we will comply with all relevant provisions of the Notifiable Data Breach Scheme operated under the Privacy Act.

6                 YOUR RIGHTS & CHOICES

6.1            Anonymity & Pseudonymity

You are entitled to engage with us on an anonymous or pseudonymous basis where it is practical to do so. If you request, we will engage with you on an anonymous or pseudonymous basis to the extent possible while allowing us to provide our Services to you or complying with our regulatory obligations.

6.2            Access & Correction

You are entitled to access the personal information we hold about you and may request that we correct any errors in the information we hold. If you would like to access or correct your personal information held by us, please contact our Privacy Officer at the address below.

We will take reasonable steps to allow you to access your information unless circumstances exist that would prohibit us from doing so.

We will correct your personal information where we are satisfied that the information is inaccurate, out of date, incomplete, irrelevant or misleading. If we correct any personal information that we have disclosed to third parties we will take reasonable steps to notify those parties of the change or update. You accept that following a request to correct your information we may be required to take reasonable steps to verify your identity or the personal information, which may include confirmation with third parties.

If we refuse to provide you with access to, or the correction of, your personal information that we hold we will provide reasons for such refusal in accordance with the Privacy Act.

7                 HOW TO CONTACT US

7.1            Queries

If you have any queries or concerns or would like to discuss any matter concerning your privacy, please contact our Privacy Officer at 1800 404 738 or at

7.2            Complaints

If you are concerned that we may have breached the Australian Privacy Principles or the Privacy Act, please contact us immediately. We will undertake a reasonable and expeditious assessment of the concern and suggest relevant resolution processes.

Alternatively, you may wish to contact the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner.

8                 CHANGES TO THIS POLICY

We may update this policy from time to time. If we change this policy in any material way, we will post a notice on our website prior to the change becoming effective for a period of 30 days. We encourage you to periodically review this page for the latest information on our privacy practices.

The effective date of this policy is 21 April 2023.